Publication : Mapping Central Asia

Indian Perceptions and Strategies

With renewed American involvement in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s growing fragility, and China’s rise in power in the post-Soviet space, Central Asia-South Asia relations have become central to understanding the future of the Eurasian continent. “Mapping Central Asia” identifies the trends, attitudes, and ideas that are key to structuring the Central Asia-South Asia axis in the coming decade.

Structured around four parts, we are skillfully guided through the importance of the historical links between the Indian sub-continent and Central Asia; the regional and global context in which the developing of closer relations between India and Central Asia has presented itself since the disappearance of the Soviet Union, the precise domains of Indo-Central Asian cooperation and study three conflict zones that frame Indo-Central Asian relations : the Kashmir question; and, the situation in Afghanistan; and fear of destabilization in Xinjiang.

The international line-up of established scholars convincingly demonstrate the fundamental necessity to define the Indian approach on these issues and provide cutting-edge insights on the tools needed to understand the solutions for the decade to come.

ISBN: 9781409409854
Title: Mapping Central Asia
Author: Marlène Laruelle, Sébastien Peyrouse
Imprint: Ashgate
Physical Desc.: 264 p.
Year: 2011


Marlène Laruelle and Sébastien Peyrouse

Part I : The Past as a Link? Reassessing Indo-Central Asian History

Foreign Policy and Myth-making : Great Game, Heartland and Silk Roads
Marlène Laruelle

Bukhara in a Revolutionary Time and its Indian Connections
Suchandana Chatterjee

Opening and Closing of Direct Indo-Central Asian Relations, 1924–1940
Surendra Gopal

Perceptions and Strategies. India’s Relations with the Central Asian Region
Anita Sengupta

The Revival of the Silk Roads Topic: a Contemporary Analysis
Sreemati Ganguli

Part II : Contextualizing Indo-Central Asian Relations: Hopes, Disillusions, and Pragmatism

Domestic and International Articulations of the Indian Involvement in Central Asia
Sébastien Peyrouse

Framing Indo-Central Asian Relations, 1990s–2000s
Ajay Patnaik

India’s New Look at Central Asia Policy: a Strategic Review
Jagannath P. Panda

Indo-Central Asia Economic Relations
Gulshan Sachdeva

Part III The In-Between Points of Tension: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Xinjiang

Managing Regional Geopolitical Uncertainty
Marlène Laruelle and Sébastien Peyrouse

India’s Policy Towards Central Asia: the Pakistan Factor
Meena Singh Roy

Restoring India’s Links with Central Asia across Kashmir: Challenges and Opportunities
Mushtaq A. Kaw

The Resurgence of the Taliban and Regional Security Concerns
Ajay Darshan Behera

The Xinjiang Issue : Indian Perspectives on Chinese Strategies in the Far West
K. Warikoo

Marlène Laruelle and Sebastien Peyrouse

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