Publication : Globalization, Foreign Capital and Development

The book Globalization Foreign Capital and Development is the outcome of an International Conference at the Department of Economics of University of Kalyani in January 2008. The book encompasses several dimensions of international capital flows in the era of globalization and their impacts on developing countries. The topics covered are mostly with respect to the two most growing economies of the world at the moment China and India. A threadbare analysis is offered on the following areas concerning global capital flows and development foreign direct Investments (FDI) their determinants and impacts outward FDI flows from the developing countries like India international trade in parts and components and its link with global capital flows stock market volatility and foreign capital flows etc. It is expected that the book will offer immense help to the researchers and students working in the area of globalization in general and global capital flows in particular.

ISBN: 8184840841
Title: Globalization, Foreign Capital and Development
Author: Sutanu Bhattacharya, Byasdeb Dasgupta, Bishakha Ghosh and Archita Ghosh
Imprint: Regal publications
Physical Desc.: 339 p.
Year: 2011



  1. Globalization FDI and development
    Mohd. Iqbal Ali
  2. Does the current global crisis remind us of the great depression?
    Sunanda Sen
  3. A graphical exposition of China and India’s FDI regime
    Byasdeb Dasgupta.
  4. Drivers of FDI policies in India: a historical perspective 1882-2005
    Amar K.J.R. Nayak.
  5. FDI in South Asia: impact on growth investment and exports
    Pravakar Sahoo.
  6. Explaining FDI equity inflows in India
    Archites Ghosh.
  7. Surge in Indian outbound FDI to Africa : an emerging pattern in globalization
    Parthapratim Pal.
  8. Trade and investment in parts and components: performance of some select Asian economies
    Biswajit Nag and Debdeep De.
  9. International trade in services: extant openness and prospects for India
    Suparna Karmakar.
  10. Indian stock price movements capital inflows and exchange rate: a macro econometric analysis
    Jaydeep Mukherjee and Basabi Bhattacharya.
  11. Volatility spillover; a study of Indias FII foreign exchange market and stock market 2002-07
    Gagri Chakrabarti, Amitrava Sarkar and Chitrakalpa Sen.







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