Publication : India and the European Union

Building a Strategic Partership

Recognition of India’s increased stature and influence regionally and globally, greater interest in a rapidly and consistently growing economy of a billion-plus people, acquisition of nuclear weapons, steadily improving relations with the United States – all contributed to India’s admission into the elite club of nations with which the European Union is forging a “Strategic Partnership” in the 21st century.

Containing fifteen essays by Indian and European experts and diplomats, this volume discusses the European Union’s policy towards Asia. It evaluates India-EU relations in the post-Cold War era, the impact of Indo-US relations, and the parameters and potential of the India-EU strategic partnership. This book examines the role of the EU in global economic governance, India-EU trade and economic relations, and the convergent and divergent Indian and EU positions in WTO negotiations.

The study discusses the role of the European Union as a security actor, interregionalism in Asia and Europe and the relationship between the EU and SAARC. The concluding chapters examine how India and the EU are coping with the challenges in creating new identities in a globalized world and highlights the EU’s role in promoting democratization in Eastern Europe.

The book will be of interest to all those engaged in the fields of economics, political science, international relations, and Indian foreign policy.

ISBN: 9788170272656
Title: Indian and the European Union
Author: Rajendra K Jain
Imprint: New Delhi : Radiant Publishers
Physical Desc.: 316 p.
Year: 2006


  1. India and the European Union
    Francisco da Camara Gomes
  2. The European Union and Asia
    Falk-Ulrich von Hoff
  3. India and the European Union
  4. The India-Europe Relationship in the US Shadow
    Jean-Luc Racine
  5. India and the European Union : The Parameters and Potential of Strategic Partnership
    Rajendra K jain
  6. The European Community and Conflict Resolution in the Balkans
    Satish Nambiar
  7. The European Union as a Security Actor
    Ummu Salma Bava
  8. Interregionalism in Asia and Europe
    Jürgen Rüland
  9. The European Union and SAARC : Estranged Inter-Regional Partners?
    Jayaraj Amin
  10. India, the European Union and Global Governance
    Stefano Gatto
  11. India, the European Union and the WTO
    O P Sharma
  12. Dynamics of India-EU Trade and Economic
    Gulshan Sachdeva
  13. The Global System, the European Union and India : The Challenge of Creating New Identities
    Hartmut Elsenhans
  14. Identities in Europe and European Identity
    Bhaswati Sarkar
  15. The European Union and Democratization in Eastern Europe
    Shashikant Jha

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