Publication : Indo-French Perspectives on Local Government and Democracy

Can practices of local level democracy in France and India as fostered by their local governments be compared? If contextualized with their respective geographical expanse intertwined with their political history, levels of economic development, demographic attributes and cultural moorings, comparison would, at best be shallow. The purpose of this volume, the first of its kind, is to sensitize readers with the nuances of democratic decentralization, viewed from both the angles od demand and supply in India as well as France.


ISBN: 9788173049163
Title: Indo-French Perspectives on local Government and Democracy
Author: Lucy Baugnet, Girish Mumar
Imprint: Manohar Publishers & Distributors
Physical Desc.: 321 p.
Year: 2011






Publication : Globalization, Foreign Capital and Development

The book Globalization Foreign Capital and Development is the outcome of an International Conference at the Department of Economics of University of Kalyani in January 2008. The book encompasses several dimensions of international capital flows in the era of globalization and their impacts on developing countries. The topics covered are mostly with respect to the two most growing economies of the world at the moment China and India. A threadbare analysis is offered on the following areas concerning global capital flows and development foreign direct Investments (FDI) their determinants and impacts outward FDI flows from the developing countries like India international trade in parts and components and Continuer la lecture de Publication : Globalization, Foreign Capital and Development

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